Realme Android 4k smart tv 43 inch price in India|

 best realme Android 4k smart tv 43 inch price in 2021.

best realme Android 4k smart tv 43 inch price in 2021.
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Hello friend, today I have come up with some good information for you. Today I present to you Realme LED TV Which has just launched Realme.

     So now with the advent of new technology, you used to use normal TV, now Android TV has come. So today I realme LED TV is talking. So let’s get started.

Realme Smart TV (43-Inch) Review

      So let’s give information about realme smart tv android. This is a 4K tv. This Realme LED TV comes in 60Hz so this works well. And with that comes Android 10. Comes with Google Assistant which comes in the remote of your TV so you don’t need to type. Its resolution is 3840×2160 pixels With ultra HD LCD TV (4k).

Realme Smart TV(43-Inch)Full Specification

     This Realme LED TV comes with a 4K Display. It gives you the experience of sitting in a cinema. Comes in good color so you can watch any movie, video, etc. in good quality. It has good speakers. It has 25W Quad stereo speakers so that gaming, movies, music give a good sound so that you can do your job well.

     Realme LED TV comes with Chrome boost. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, colors, you can do it your way and enjoy the cinema.

     Realme LED TV comes with MediaTek 64 BIT octa-core processor with good smooth experience and good picture quality. So in this you can see Ram from 2GB, 16GB storage comes along with YouTube, Netflix, prime video, Hotstar TV HDMI 3 comes SIDE, USE 2side

      Ultra Bezel-less design comes 2.6mm thin. Which looks beautiful and attractive. Supported devices for casting mobiles and laptops.

    Realme LED TV comes with 4k so that if you watch it from the side, the picture quality will not change and it will look good and beautiful.

   Width x height: 56.3cm x 7.6cm with Realme LED tv remote control.

Realme Smart TV (43-Inch) Price in India

     This tv comes to you in 2 sizes 1. (43 inches) 2. (50 inches) This price comes in India ₹ 27,999 so how do you think this (43 inch) TV used to cost 50 39,999 now 50 inches.

      So this was Realme LED TV, so comment on how you like this tv, we will meet again with the same information.

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