Cool, Apple AirPods Max headphones

Cool,Apple AirPods Max headphones

 Hello friends why are you having fun and today I am going to give you an amazing, good information that you will be shocked to read if it is Apple AirPods Max which Apple company has released. This is a good thing for those who love music.

       Which Apple company gets good design and best quality. If you are looking at this for the first time, you will love AirPods Max. So that anyone who wears it is measured and comes with a cart that is soft. And good sound comes.

.         Photo by: Apple store

       If you use a lot of headphones, laugh and laugh, the canopy that comes over it is made of plastic, but the AirPods Max has a mesh that is light in weight.

       As you mentioned above, it is not plastic but these AirPods come with a stainless steel frame which is strong and soft. Works well and is relaxed.

       These AirPods are a comfort to the custom designed cloth mesh ears as if you are experiencing a pillow in your bun ear. This is a good experience.

       With this you get a digital crown so you can set the volume to your liking and at the same time you can answer the call.

            photo by: Apple store

       And with this you get a good feature so if you hear outside noise they give you a button so they don’t hear outside noise just you get music sound. These are available in five colors 1. Silver 2. Space Gray 3. Blue 4. Pink 5. Green.

        In each cup you find Apple’s mighty H1 chip, customize and meet with advanced software. You can listen to the sound when you watch music or movies. Which gets sound from every side.

        Well you get 20 hours of battery backup which you can use with this simple date. And you can charge it with this simple date type c cable or you can also charge with normal type. And with that you get a good Smart Case that protects your Airport Max and you can easily take it anywhere.

        So let’s talk about the price of this, it is priced at ₹ 59,900. You would be amazed to see the price, because you are using a mobile phone of ₹ 59,900. Only Apple can issue such a headphone.

        Thank you Madal for reading our article. And comment us and blister me. Bye bye

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