Cool OnePlus watch touch screen.

     Hello friend, today I have come up with some great information for you, if you like it, let me give you that information Oneplus watch. So this is a good watch that you will like and like. If OnePlus watch launches a good watch, today I am going to give you all the information.

  • Design
  • Battery
  • More details.

OnePlus watch design

    So you will like the design of this watch so that you will feel it when you see the watch so that you will like it more

      when you wear this watch in your hand. You will love what you see for the first time. The one that works well on the side comes with a good watch strap.

 OnePlus watch battery

  If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. This watch comes with a warp charge so you can charge fast.

     Charging in just a few minutes takes you a whole day. If you charge it for 20 minutes then this watch lasts for 7 days so you can charge this watch when you finish your morning work. OnePlus watch starting price is 14,999.

Cool OnePlus touch screen, long Battery watch full reviewing.
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More information

  The watch comes with a touch screen so that you can use it easily and with a 46mm size of the watch’s display, now the watch has an AMOLED display. Which works well.

   So this is simply your OnePlus mobile

    I have to connect so that this watch connects well then you can put the design you like in the watch.

       It comes with 4GB of storage so you can save and listen to the music of your choice. And if there is a cell on the mobile phone, you can easily pick it up with the help of a watch.

    The watch comes with an IP 68 rating and a 5ATM rating so that you can watch it if it falls into the water.

        It comes with 110 work outs and exercise models so that you can do any exercise easily and such as swimming, running, working etc. This watch can keep your health good and also helps.

   So this is the information in this watch. And comment on how you like this OnePlus watch. So let’s visit again with such information.

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