So cool OnePlus 11 Pro space, Price in India.

Hello friends, welcome to my website, you will find new tech updates here. So today I want to give you information about the OnePlus 11 Pro topic.

    So OnePlus has launched its 10 series smartphone in China, which may be seen in India soon. Oneplus 11 Pro information leaked.

     So today you have to get information about its Display, Processor, Camera, Battery, Ram And storage, price etc. in the upcoming Oneplus 11 series. So let’s get started and read this wonderful information fully,

OnePlus 11 Pro 5G Display

16.64cm (6.55 inch) Display
Full HD + Fluid AMOLED Display
120Hz High refresh rate
Corning Gorilla Glass protection
1080×2400 pixels Resolutions

   So you get a 6.55 inch Full HD + Fluid AMOLED Display. Comes with a 120Hz refresh rate so you can enjoy smooth scrolling and gaming.

     Gorilla glass protection is used for display protection. The video quality is good so the movie and video look good. A display may be better.

Oneplus 11 Pro 5G design

    ….. The design may be different, it may have a backside glass. Round cameras can be seen. Punch hole displays may occur.

What is the performance of Oneplus 11 Pro 5G (processor)

Android 12
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
5nm processor
      Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 power comes with a full flagship processor. This processor comes with 5nm. If you are a heavy user and you are gaming then this processor gives a good experience.

      Can play lag-free gaming in a high setting. It comes with Android 12.

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Oneplus 11 Pro 5G Rear camera

48MP primary camera
8MP Telephoto camera
50MP ultra wide-angle camera
2MP macro camera
Front camera 16MP
4k video recording
    Comes with a Quad camera set-up which comes with the main camera 48MP. In which you can capture beautiful and clean photos. It comes with an 8MP + 50MP + 2MP camera Can capture.

      The front selfie comes in 16MP which you can click a good selfie that comes clean. The rear camera can record 4k video.

Oneplus 11 Pro 5G Ram And storage

12GB Ram
256GB storage
     So let me give you some information about Oneplus 11 Pro Ram And storage. In this, you can get 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. So you can save any file, image.

OnePlus 11 Pro 5G price in India

Except Price 50,806
        So now what makes you laugh at the OnePlus 11 Pro price in India? So no official information has been released about this. But that could be around 50,806. So what do you think the OnePlus price in India will be like?

Oneplus 11 Pro 5G release date in India.

   So there is no information from OnePlus about when the OnePlus 11 Pro release date will be in India. You can see this smartphone from 2022.

OnePlus 11 Pro 5G battery capacity

5000mAh battery
Fast charging support
    Big 5000mAh battery life comes which can give you up to 1-day battery backup. Fast charging support is available so that mobile phones can be charged fast.

Oneplus 11 Pro 5G specifications

5G network support
4G voLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G
Bluetooth v5.2
Wi-Fi support
GPS support
NFC support
No, SD Card support
No, 3.5mm audio jack
In-Display fingerprint sensor
Al Face unlock

People also ask Oneplus 11 Pro 5G (FAQs)

1. Oneplus 11 Pro 5G launch date in India?
   Oneplus 11 Pro Launch Date in India No fixed date but when you get any information about this you will get an update.

2. Oneplus 11 Pro 5G quick charging support?
    Yes, Oneplus 11 Pro 5g supports quick charging.

3. Oneplus 11 Pro 5G price in India?
     My opinion of Oneplus 11 Pro price in India is 50,809.

My view And summary for cool OnePlus 11 Pro space, Price in India.
  So how did you like the upcoming Oneplus 11 Pro … Smartphones? If you like its features, please comment.

 So this smartphone Oneplus 10 Pro Can prove to be better than. But when it launches, it can be said that the OnePlus 11 Pro is a good mobile phone.

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