Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

 Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

Hello friends, why are you? Today I will talk to you about a good mobile topic. So it is a Samsung company smartphone. It is a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. If you want to know more about its subject or you don’t know its subject then keep reading.

    So Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra launched in January, which is a 5G mobile. So today I will give you all the information about its access, price, store and RAM, camera, display, and battery.

    First, we display it

    In this, you get a display with a brightness which looks good and the screen you see on this smartphone looks good and nice.

    It has a 120Hz refresh rate display so you can enjoy scrolling on your mobile. Which makes your experience better. The size is 6.8 inches (17.27 cm). Quad HD + display. Comes with gorilla glass protection. It comes in front and backside.

                  photo by: Amazon

    Now another process

    In this mobile, you get an octa-core Exynos 2100 which comes with a 5nm process so that the speed of your phone increases. This small size chipset makes you work fast and at the same time, you will enjoy gaming in it. And you will enjoy gaming in high quality.

    Storage and RAM

    So this is found

    12GB RAM, 256 storage 1,05,999

    16GB RAM, 512 storage ₹ 1,16,999

    With this, you get high storage with the help of which you can store photos, videos, and files.

photo by: Amazon


This smartphone comes with four real camera sets with good camera design and lens so you can do good photography.

108MP men camera

 12MP ultra

 10MP Telephoto

 10MP Telephoto

   With the help of this camera, you can click on good photos. Those who are fond of clicking photos will have fun.

   Front camera

   Friends, you can’t believe that the front camera of this comes with 40MP. So you can click good selfies and at the same time, you can record videos from 8K.


   It comes with a 5000mAh battery which you don’t have to worry about low battery and you can run. If you are using more mobile then it is a good thing for you. 25W change comes so you have fast Channing. It supports wireless charging.

   More info

This includes s pen with the help of which you can write photo editing, which works well. This smartphone comes in 5G. So you get used to having more fun.

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