Tech news August 2021.

 Tech news August 2021.

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     So today I will try to provide tech news complete information which is useful to you tech news in August 2021
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1. tech news iPhone 13 series

      The first tech news of iPhone 13 Everyone knows that iPhone 13 series may launch in September in which 4 models will be seen 1. iPhone 13 Pro Max 2. iPhone 13 Pro 3. iPhone 13 Mini 4. iPhone 13.
      The iPhone 13 series is about to meet the specification which has come up against a bit of information. So give iPhone 13 High refresh rate 120Hz IPhone users to experience smooth scrolling.
         The iPhone 13 series is coming with the 5G model and the next generation WiFi networks are coming up with a higher capacity battery and fast charge with 1TB of storage being given to those who see more storage. 
      So the iPhone 13 series has got this information, no more information.

2. Tech news: upcoming Android 12

       All the smart phones have got Android 11 Updated and if all the Android users are using it then a good happy news for Android users is that now Android 12 is about to see a smart phone soon.
         With the launch of Android 12, Google is going to give Android 12 in its Google Pixel 3. Android 12 is in the works which is to be found in this year.
       Android 12 is a smart phone with no information provided by Google. Whose information is to be disclosed soon.
       Android 12 is to provide security and privacy which was earlier given by Android 11 and now Android 12 is to be seen more with it. 
         And with that comes customisable with which the wallpaper of the smart phone has changed with which the smart phone looks new.
       Apps that are your mobile phone that you don’t use so that the mobile phone slows down, now you have to get a new feature of Android 12 which deletes non-useful apps so that the mobile phone does not slow down.

3. Tech news: Realme Laptops

       Realme Laptops is to be launched in India on 18th August with a display of 2k. This laptop claims to be the slimmest with 14.9mm Thin.
      Dazzling metal body is to be seen.90% screen Body Ratio. Comes 2k full vision Display 2160x1440P. No information was found on its value.

4. Tech news: mobile phone

            Realme its GT series 18 August india To launch. The flagship killer comes with the 5G mobile phone.
          This smart phone has a triple camera set-up with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and 778G processor. In which you can do good gaming.
      Stainless steel vapol Colling which will not overheat the mobile phone. In this you can convert from 7GB Ram ROM. So you can be more multi-tasking.
      65W super dark charge comes which fully charges the mobile phone in 33 minutes and 120Hz High refresh rate comes super AMOLED display.
         3D modling vegan leather and 8.7mm thin, 180G light To be seen. No information was found on its value.
    So this was Tech news August 2021 So how do you feel about ongoing tech news that can be useful to you?
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