To buy, not buying: google pixel 6 pro release date in india space.

 To buy, not buying: google pixel 6 pro release date in india space.

     Hello friends, today I have brought for you a good smart phone which is Google pixel series Google Pixel 6 Pro.

To buy, not buying: google pixel 6 pro release date in india space.

        If Google is going to launch a mobile phone after a long time, today I am going to give information to buy not buying Google pixel 6 Pro. Welcome to our web site. Let’s get started.
  • 1. Display size and design
  • 2. Operating system and processor
  • 3. Camera set-up
  • 4. RAM and storage
  • 5. Battery capacity
    Google Pixel 6 Pro space and future.

1. Display size and design Google Pixel 6 Pro.

  • 17.04cm (6.71 Inch)
  • Full HD + P-OLED AMOLED display
  • 120Hz High refresh rate
  • 1440×3120 pixels Resolution
  • Gorilla glass protection
  • HDR 10+
  • Launch Date 19 October 2021
        This smart phone has good display quality in which you can watch videos, movies in good quality. 6.71 inch long display with Full HD + P-OLED, 120Hz High refresh rate.
         In which you can enjoy good gaming and smoothly scrolling. Coring Gorilla glass protection is available for display protection.
      The design is to look different with a good first look. There are 3 colors in this. 1. Cloudy White, Sorta Seafom and Stormy Black color variants will be available.

2. Operating system and processor Google Pixel 6 Pro.

  • Android 12
  • Tensor
      So google android 12 can give this smart phone. You need Google Pixel 6 Pro Android 12 A good experience can be had. Google sees its power as a full Tensor processor.
           In which you have to get a good gaming experience No more full power laughter than other smart phones.

3. Camera set-up Google Pixel 6 Pro.

  • Triple camera set-up
  • 50MP wide angle Primary camera
  • 12MP ultra wide angle camera
  • 48MP Telephoto camera
  • 4K video recording, 30fps
  • 12MP front selfie camera
  • Yes, front video recording
  • Dual flash
      The Google Pixel 6 Pro comes with a triple camera set-up with a 50MP wide angle primary camera and a good and beautiful photo.
            Comes with 12MP ultra wide angle camera, 48MP Telephoto camera. In this you can do good photography. The front selfie camera comes with 12MP which comes with a good selfie. You can do 4k video recording in it.
To buy, not buying: google pixel 6 pro release date in india space.
Image credit by: Google

4. RAM and storage Google Pixel 6 Pro.

  • starting RAM 12GB
  • Starting ROM 128GB
  • Cost approximately ₹ 80,000 (expected)
        It starts with 12GB of starting RAM which is said to be good for gaming so you can enjoy gaming and it can come with 128GB ROM.

5. Battery capacity and more details Google Pixel 6 Pro.

  • 5000mAh battery life
  • 30W fast charging
  • USB type C cable
       So it has a big battery 5000mAh battery life which lasts a long time and you get 30W fast charging support so that this smart phone gets charged quickly.

More details

  • Network support 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G
  • IN Display fingerprint sensor
  • Face unlock
  • IP68 water resistant
  • Wireless charging support
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC
  • No, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • No, memory card support

To buy and not buying Google Pixel 6 Pro.

       If you like Google Pixel smartphones, you can buy them. This smart phone comes with a new Android version and is a good smart phone for good camera, battery, RAM, storage, 5G smart phone.
      Also the price of this smart phone may be higher and it may not have a super AMOLED display.

Google Pixel 6 Pro FAQS

1.What are the specifications of the Google Pixel 6 Pro?
   It has a tensor 5G processor, 120 Hz High refresh rate, triple camera set-up, and may come with the upcoming Android version 12. More details please click here.
2. What Google Pixel 6 Pro prices and launch date in india?
       Google pixel 6 Pro launch date in india 19 October 2021 and prices ₹ 80,000 (expected).
3. How was the camera set-up of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro?
      The Google Pixel 6 Pro comes with a triple camera set-up. 50MP + 12MP + 48MP and front camera 12MP.
4. What processor is in the Google Pixel 6 Pro?
        In this you can see Tensor power Full processor which works well.
        So this was google pixel 6 pro. If you like this smart phone, please comment. You will know what the processor is like after launch.
      Thank you for reading my article google pixel 6 pro.

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