Top 9 best smartwatch in india under 5000 2022|

   If you are thinking of getting a smartwatch and if you want a smartwatch that is under budget then today the best smartwatch is available in under 5000 and some smartwatch is priced below 5000 and is available in India.

      Some smartwatch comes with Fitness which is very useful.

       So today 9 best smartwatch under 5000. bluetooth calling

     So the display of this smartwatch comes with a 1.28 inch display screen and HD display touch screen. From this you can easily do bluetooth calling, answer call, quick Dail paid, recent call, contact etc.

      This is a fitness watch comes in sports mode like walk, run, basketball, badminton, cycling etc. Comes light weight, water proof. Normal battery lasts for 10 days, 5 days with bluetooth, 30 days standby mode. These come in 2 colors 2. gray.

2. Realme classic watch

    The 3.5cm (1.4inch) long display comes with smooth touch and nice experience. This fitness watch comes with heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor, health mode. IP 68 water resistance.

       You can do this with the help of phone camera control, music etc. smartwatch. There are 14 sports modes like runnig, walking, swimming, etc. battery life 9

     Runs during the day. Smart notification calling, whatsapp, facebook etc. notifications come.

3. Noise colorfit Pro 3

   3.94 CM (1.55 Inch) long touch screen display. HD color display. Sleep and Heart rating monitoring.

       There are 14 sports modes like yoga, running, cycling etc. Which keeps your health good. Call facility Anwer call and reject call. 10 days normal use, 4 days heavy use.

4. Huami amazfit bip u smartwatch

      The 1.43inch long touch screen comes with a display screen that is water-resistant with coring Gorilla glass 3 Reinforced glass. Comes with 31g less weight. Heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor, health mode. Stress monitoring and breathing.

       60+ sports modes like yoga, running, swimming, cycling etc. are available

notification such as incoming calling, text massage, apps. Battery life 9days.

5.realme watch S

       3.3cm (1.3inch) brightness touch screen display. This display coring Gorilla glass is processed realme watch S has made aluminum alloy which looks good which is durable.

      IP 68 water resistance comes. There are 16 sports modes like support yoga, running swimming cycling etc. Smart control Play music and pause, Phone camera connect. Heart rate and blood oxygen monitor. battery life 15 days normal use.

6. RPMSD bluetooth smartwatch

          It has a super AMOLED display which comes with a full touch screen. Comes with call answers and rejected. Battery life 18 days normal use. Main screen 1.54 HD IPS.

7.molife sense 500

      1.7inch infinity display and Full color Touch screen display. bluetooth call answers and rejected. Heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor health mode comes.

    There are 8 support modes like yoga, swimming, cycling etc. IP 68 water resistance.

8. Noise colorfit 2 pro

      3.3cm (1.3inch) color LCD display and Touch screen display. And comes with less weight. IP 68 water resistance. Smart future text massage, apps, notification.

   Battery life 10 Days and health mode heart rate monitor and sleep monitor and multiple sports mode.

9. Noisefit Evolve smartwatch

       1.2inch full touch screen comes AMOLED display. Metal case so you get proxies. Health mode heart rate monitor, sleep tracking.

     Control your music and camera and smart notification call answers, text message, social media notification comes. 9 sports mode, long life battery 10 days. IP 68 water resistance.

   So this was Top 9 best smartwatch in india under 5000. So which of these smartwatch did you like?

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