10 Tips To Make Your Android phone Run Faster 2022|

   Hello friend, today I have come up with some great information for you which will be useful to you.You all used to use smart phones. Smile and there are many mobile phones in the market. With old mobile phone slow and hang problem occurs.

      So today I will give you Android tips so that your mobile phone is going to work fast. So let’s go

1. Ram is low

     If you have less in your Android phone then you know how important Ram is in mobile phone.

       Now there are mobile phones in the market with 8GB, 12GB RAM but whose RAM is 3GB, 4GB

     If you have a problem. So you do multitasking so you have a problem and the mobile phone hangs. So that your storage is full.

    So what do you do now

    Mobile phones that have less RAM should have less data and have a working app and no additional apps.

2. Application open

      This is one of the biggest mistakes you make when you start an application and then you start another app by backing up other apps.

      So other apps continue so that it uses your battery and consumes the RAM of your mobile so that your mobile phone works slow.

 What do you do

     When you open another app and you want to run another app, you have to close the other app well.

3. Apps updated

        If the RAM of your mobile phone is low and the storage is also low then you should not update any apps so that the storage of your mobile phone is full.

What do you do

   Updated the apps you need and turned off auto-update.

4. Keep the cache clear

       If you have no information about this, let me give you some information. When you use any app, its temporary data is stored. This is called cache. This consumes the RAM of your mobile phone.

What do you do

     This will allow you to clean the mobile phone from the cache cleaner that comes to your mobile phone.

5. Download the APK

Often you have no apps Google Play Store

         Not found and you need to install a third party or APK file. These apps are risky so your data is at risk of being linked

What do you do

    You should not install any third party apps or WiFi or Bluetooth.

6. Use of antivirus or cleaner app

       Many people use some apps to clean your mobile phone and protect it from viruses. So mobile phone doesn’t matter and this app storage is used with Ram

Consumes so that your mobile phone works slow.

   What do you do now

To do this, you need to delete the antivirus and cleaner app.

7. Keeping the app in the memory card

   There are many people who transfer the app to the memory card so that the internal memory is empty but the phone’s booting processor is increased.

        When you open the app, the mobile phone searches for the memory card so that the phone slows down to read it. Is.

What do you do now

   So you should not keep any app in any apps memory card, keep video, photo etc. in memory.

8. Keep the mobile phone on

     A lot of the time you keep your mobile phone on and you don’t turn off the mobile phone so the cache of your mobile phone file increases so your mobile phone slows down and hangs.

What do you do

     So you have to keep the mobile phone off for 15 minutes in 1 week so that the cache of the mobile phone is deleted forever.

9. Don’t keep video, audio

     If you keep movies, songs, etc. so that the storage of your mobile phone takes up more then you can delete the videos that are not useful.

10. WhatsApp files

   WhatsApp takes more storage, it brings more video, file, photo and even space if you forward it,

       but many people don’t delete it by looking at it so you take up more storage. So you have to delete the extra video, file, photo so that your mobile phone works well.

    So these were the Android tips, if you like it, please comment. So let’s visit again with this information.

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